The Seeker’s Fruit

S. O. A. P.

Here’s Your 90 second AM Devotional!


Amos 5:6a

Seek the Lord and live.


Throughout the entirety of the book of Amos, we see the Lord begging the people of Israel to turn from their evil ways and back to Him. His call is through the prophet Amos. In this passage the Lord simply says, “I’ll give you real life if you will just seek me.”


What I can tell you about my life is that the more I live, the more I want to LIVE! I’m thrilled with my life. I love LIVING! The last thing I want to do is DIE. Now there’s no doubt that like me, one day, you will die. But that’s not what we’re living for. I’m not living this life to die, rather I’m living this life to SEEK the Lord every day! Israel thought that they could find better LIVING by rejecting God and doing what they thought would be more fun. They lived for themselves, but in the end were overwhelmed by the fruit of their BAD choices. There is FABULOUS fruit to the one who SEEKS the Lord. That fruit is LIFE! If I have to choose the fruit I can bear trying to live life on my own, I’d rather SEEK the Lord and receive, “The Seeker’s Fruit.”


Dear Jesus,

I want to LIVE more than ever. That’s why I’m seeking You this AM with my whole heart. I believe You will reward me with fabulous LIFE here and eternal life one day over there! Amen


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