The Reason For Miracles

S. O. A. P.

Here’s Your 90 second AM Devotional!


Luke 5:26a
Everyone was amazed and gave praise to God.


This is the story of four men lowering their friend who was paralyzed into a packed house by way of a hole in the roof. They lowered him on a mat with ropes at each corner of the mat directly in front of Jesus. Jesus first told him his sins were forgiven. This infuriated the religious leaders who heard it, so Jesus then said, “Rise take up your mat and walk.” The man immediately got up and walked. When it happened, the Bible tells us, “The Reason For Miracles.” Upon seeing the miracle, the people “GAVE PRAISE TO GOD!”


Some may think that miracles happen by the hand of God in order to attract people to Jesus. While that may be true to a point, the scripture says that if we lift Jesus up as followers of Christ, “HE WILL ATTRACT PEOPLE TO HIMSELF!” (Jn. 12:32) Others believe that if God does a miracle for a friend of theirs, maybe he could do a miracle for them in the future. But the truth is it’s not about what Jesus can do; it’s about what he’s already done. His sacrifice on the cross and his subsequent resurrection from the grave assures us that all things are possible with God. When the paralyzed man got off the floor and walked that day, it caused people to STOP and give praise to God. We serve the only true and living God in the universe, and there is nothing, absolutely nothing, He cannot do! So my friend, stop what you’re doing right now and give God some praise with me! That’s “The Reason For Miracles!”


Dear Jesus,

This AM, I’m ready to praise the Lord. What you have done for my family and me and my friends is reason enough to praise you all day long. There is nothing else I have to give, but I’ll NEVER be reluctant when it comes to praising you. Amen


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