The REAL Generational Blessing

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Psalm 145:4

One generation commends your works to another; they tell of your mighty acts.


King David said the way “God’s Generational Blessing” is passed from one generation to another is by parents telling their children about how great God was and is. That was certainly true of my generation. My parent’s told me, my wife’s parents told her, and we told our kids. However, that hasn’t been true for all generations.


“The REAL Generational Blessing” is passed from parents to children. It becomes generational for a family when they stay committed to Jesus. In good times or bad times, the most important hand off from parent to child is … “God Is Great And Greatly To Be Praised!” If that idea and passion is not transferred to children by parents, the blessings stop and the curses begin. Every parent must connect with this truth and NOT FAIL. It’s the most important thing a parent will ever do. Don’t give up, Jesus is here right now to help.


Dear Jesus,

Sometimes this task of passing off the blessing to the next generation seems impossible. I trust You to help me again this AM! Amen

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