The Making Of A Man Of God

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Luke 1:80
And the child grew and became strong in spirit; and he lived in the wilderness until he appeared publicly to Israel.


This is a short story concerning John the Baptist. His parents were very elderly when his mother became pregnant with him. He was the answer to his parents’ prayers. After being born, the Bible says he was raised in the wilderness and became strong in the Spirit while living there. By the time he appeared in Israel, he was already well versed in the things of the Lord. This story is about “The Making of A Man of God.”


Most likely, John the Baptist was raised in seclusion as a child growing up. His parents were quite elderly and maybe lived in a very humble abode outside of any town. This meant that there wasn’t much outside influence of any kind that got into John’s psyche. Yes, he was different. Scriptures tell us that John the Baptist wore camel-hair clothing and ate locusts and wild honey; when he arrived on the scene preaching, repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. “The Making Of A Man of God,” is sometimes best accomplished in quiet, lonely places. That kind of upbringing meant that John was continually found seeking the Lord in prayer. I believe that God so orchestrated the training, teaching, and testing of young John the Baptist so that he was almost impervious to temptation. He followed the Lord’s instructions until he died a martyr’s death for Jesus sake. Loneliness isn’t always a bad thing if it forces us to spend our time with Jesus.


Dear Jesus,

I am ready for any kind of alone time you want to give me in order for me to be conformed into your image. Trying to find something unique from others is not my desire. You have always kept me in a prayer posture my whole life. Jesus, please keep me near you and make me like you is my prayer. Amen


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