The Hand Of The Lord

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Acts 11:21

The Lord’s hand was with them, and a great number of people believed and turned to the Lord.


After Stephen was martyred for his faith, Jesus’ followers scattered everywhere preaching the gospel. Most went to Jewish people to deliver the Good News, but the scripture tells us in the previous verses that some disciples broke off into Antioch and started preaching to Greeks (Gentiles), and the Bible says, “The Hand Of The Lord was with them.”


Two things must be noted here. First, Cornelius and his family were NOT the first Gentiles to receive the Good News in the New Testament. This group from Antioch was the first group of Gentiles to be saved. The second thing that must be acknowledged is that “The Hand Of The Lord” was on these unnamed messengers of the gospel. There is so much done by the hands of humans in this current age, but so often, it doesn’t last or is not sustainable. However, when “The Hand Of The Lord” touches one of His messengers, be they male or female, be they name or unnamed, it will have an ongoing effect on people’s lives. Whatever you do, take your hand off of the situation and let “The Hand Of The Lord” be loosed onto the people in need, and change will happen.


Dear Jesus,

I admit it! Too many times, I’ve put my hand on a challenge that needed “The Hand Of The Lord.” Help me today, and every day, to keep my hands down so Your hands may be raised to help. Amen


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