The Big Head

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Isaiah 14:14

I will ascend above the tops of the clouds; I will make myself like the Most High.


These were the words of Satan, just before he was cast down out of heaven by the Lord, as stated by the prophet Isaiah.


If there’s ever been an event in history where someone had a bad case of “The Big Head,” it would have to be here. Satan, who at that time in history was known as Lucifer, was the most beautiful of all of God’s created angelic force. In fact, Scripture tells us that Lucifer was the worship leader in Heaven, prior to his fall. Somewhere in the process, he began to think that he could somehow supplant the Great “I Am” and take God’s place. When that happened, God threw him out of heaven. There will always be consequences to PRIDE. Remember, Lucifer had been created by God, but thought that somehow he was better and smarter than his creator. Isn’t that a perfect illustration of what pride is? Someone has said that the word EGO stands for “Edging God Out.” Anytime an individual believes they have somehow attained the status of divinity, they are suffering from “The Big Head.”


Dear Jesus,

This AM, I will once again humble myself in Your presence. I never want pride to “Edge You Out” of my life. Shrink my head if I need it, but please stay with me. Amen

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