That’s The KIND Of Leader We Need

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Psalm 78:72

And David shepherded them with integrity of heart; with skillful hands he led them.


The writer of this Psalm says when Israel needed him most, the Lord chose David for them, a man who had integrity of heart and skillful hands to lead the people.


I’m sure, like me, when you read that passage you think … “That’s The KIND Of Leader We Need!” In our present state, people hunger for a leader whose heart is imbedded with integrity. Of course every true leader must operate with humility of heart in order to learn on the job. Those with hands skilled to lead must continue learning their skill! However, all of this is is enhanced with KINDness. Leaders must never look for someone to blame. Real leaders are willing to take the blame until a solution is found. A real leader is KIND, Skilled in leading people, and has a heart filled with Integrity. “That’s The KIND Of Leader We Need.”


Dear Jesus,

All of us need leadership. In the meantime, help me today as I look for the leadership I need to Lead myself and others like David did. Amen

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