That’s Amazing!

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Mark 6:6a

He was amazed at their lack of faith.


This was Jesus’ response when he heard an amazing report. What he heard were people from his own home town unwilling to believe this was the same person who grew up among them. Because of it, their negativity rejected Him. Consequently, He didn’t do the mass miracles He normally did because of their “LACK” of faith. He thought, “That’s Amazing!”


Whenever I hear the word “AMAZING,” it’s usually in response to a fantastic thing I’ve experienced. Almost never is it connected to great sorrow. It was amazing that Jesus healed the sick, brought sight to the blind, opened deaf ears, and raised the dead! It was amazing that Jesus turned the water into wine, fed the five thousand, and cursed the barren fig tree! But for Jesus, it was AMAZING that His own townsfolk rejected that it was Him doing these things. It’s as if they wanted the man to stay a boy. Here’s the truth, you and I have the living Son of God at the tip of our prayer, waiting to answer our heart’s cry today. What are we waiting for? Make sure your lack of faith doesn’t leave Jesus saying, “That’s Amazing!”


Dear Jesus,

Today, I realize that I am praying to You, the One who created the vast universe with Your words! I will elevate my faith with Your help to believe for my needs today. Lord I believe!! Amen

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