That Was One Bad Decision!

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2 Chronicles 10:19

So Israel has been in rebellion against the house of David to this day.


This passage is speaking past tense, to one terrible decision made by Rehoboam, the son of King Solomon. After his father had passed, the crown was placed on his head. There was a disturbance among the ten Northern Tribes of Israel, who Solomon had treated harshly by forcing heavy labor on them to build the temple of the Lord and his own, much larger, palace. They needed to hear from the new YOUNG king. So the old wise men of the Northern Tribes said, “We’ll follow you if you will just make the load a little lighter.” When he went to his young counselors to see how they responded to what the wise men had said, these young men, all spoiled, wealthy sons of powerful men in Israel, responded by saying, “You tell them that if they think your father whipped them with whips, I will whip you with scorpions.” So he did, and the leaders of the north said, “Israel, everyone to your tents. Judah and the house of David, you take care of yourselves!” And that one decision by Rehoboam separated the 10 Northern Tribes forever!


When you read this story and know the eternal consequences of one young king’s arrogant call, all you can say is, “That Was One Bad Decision!” So please, let’s you and me not repeat it!


Dear Jesus,

I may not have the reach that young Rehoboam did, but I certainly have some influence after these many years. Please help me to make wise decisions from this time forward. Amen


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