That May Be More Than Thunder

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Job 37:5

God’s voice thunders in marvelous ways; he does great things beyond our understanding.


One of Job’s friends uttered this incredible statement toward the end of Job’s terrible suffering. He talked about the voice of God sounding like thunder and accomplishing things too wonderful to describe.


As I was reading the scripture this AM, I thought about all the times I had sat through a THUNDER storm. I’m not sure I ever had the conscious thought that hey … “That May Be More Than Thunder!” The more you think about it, inevitably thunder is the voice of God in some way since everything that happens emanates from Him. But, I believe there are events around the world that God is using to speak to us. You could say, “That May Not Be A Normal Accident.” Or “That May Not Be The Earth Shaking Event I Thought It Was.” In other words, it may very well be the way God is speaking to us right now. Sometimes it takes a thunderous event to even get our attention. That’s why I’m suggesting that incredible noise you hear coming from the steel mill may be a whole lot more than just steel mill noise. Is there any possibility that you are afraid right now because of what you think you’re hearing? Hey, “That May Be More Than Thunder!”


Dear Jesus,

Whether it’s through the weather, or bills that I have, or this or that, God I want to say, “speak to me!” Whatever it takes, I must hear from you today! Amen

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