Thank God He Gave In

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Psalm 106:45

For their sake he remembered his covenant and out of his great love he relented.


Yes, the Nation of Israel, back in the day, had been severely disciplined by the hand of God. In this passage of scripture, King David said God relented or “GAVE IN” to dealing more mildly with them because He remembered the covenant He had made with their forefather’s. AND, because of His great love for them.


Because of their history of “PUSHING BACK” from obeying God’s directives, the Israeli’s actually deserved even more punishment than they received. However, “Thank God He Gave In!” Have you ever thought that God could “Give In?” What could possibly cause the “All Powerful” God of the universe to “Give In?” It’s hard for selfish human’s to understand, but God had made a promise to Israel that He would bless them. Second, He just flat out LOVED them so much that His love for them outweighed His anger toward them. I’ve done so many DUMB things in my life that Jesus either forgave, or purposely looked away from, or just winked at. Whatever He did, I’m grateful and just want to say … “Thank God He Gave In!”


Dear Jesus,

I just want to Thank You this AM for not whacking me for what I deserve. Thank You that Your LOVE for me has driven You to “Give In” and give me another chance … over and over again. Amen

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