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Psalm 55:2b

My thoughts trouble me and I am distraught.


King David was in a bad situation. If you continue reading this chapter, you will quickly discover that some of his closest associates had turned against him. Here he talked to himself about how very troubled he was. He ended by saying that he was distraught. In other words, he felt pressured and helpless.


Whether you’re speaking out loud or not, your thoughts are a way of “Talking To Yourself.” But the question is, what are you saying to YOU? If all you’re ever thinking about and saying to yourself concerns all the lousy stuff that’s been going on in your life, then in time you will begin following whatever it is that you have been “Talking To Yourself” about. The Apostle Paul was probably the first to ever discover and promote the idea of “POSITIVE SELF TALK.” In Philippians 4:8, he spoke of positive thoughts and righteous thought patterns, and ends by saying, “Think On These Things!” Our victory in this life will largely be attributed to how well we, “Talk To Ourselves.”


Dear Jesus,

This AM, even after all of these years of following You, I still sometimes fall into the trap of lousy thinking. Today, I’m asking You to help me “Talk To Myself” in a more loving and honorable way. Amen

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