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2 Kings 10:28

So Jehu destroyed Baal worship in Israel.


Tradition tells us that the great Prophet Jeremiah wrote both books of the “Kings.” Jeremiah clearly and emphatically stated here that one man, by the name of Jehu, “SINGLEHANDEDLY” destroyed Baal worship in Israel. The worship of Baal had been established under the rule of the wicked King Ahab.


Victory is achieved for a nation by the hands of many. It is also true that “The Hands” will always be there, but without a leader “The Hands” are wasted. Jehu was the son of another great King of Israel named Jehoshaphat. During his reign, King Jehu destroyed the remaining house of King Ahab. It was also Jehu who had the wicked Jezebel destroyed, fulfilling the prophecy of Elijah. When the prophet announces, under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, that Jehu “SINGLEHANDEDLY” destroyed the worship of Baal in Israel, you get the feeling that God is looking for that kind of man or woman today. I’m speaking here of a reckless abandonment for the things of God. God is looking for someone willing to “SINGLEHANDEDLY” stand up for the sake of His righteousness and turn back the lies that have fostered this present darkness. Someone once sang … “We don’t need another hero,” but if that’s true we definitely need a LEADER.


Dear Jesus,

I realize that Jehu didn’t do the work by himself, and that without Your anointing it would have all come to naught. However, I do recognize leadership in an individual who completely trusts You. Help me be that kind of man. Amen

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