Save Them Don’t Slay Them!

S. O. A. P.

Here’s Your 90 second AM Devotional!


James 5:20

Remember this: Whoever turns a sinner from the error of their way will save them from death and cover over a multitude of sins.


The Apostle James, the physical brother of our Lord, reminded us all that it’s more important to Save people who are caught up in sin, than to Slay people for sinning.


Only God is called the “Righteous Judge” in Scripture (Ps. 7:11). That’s probably because we mortals have a tendency to err on the side of Judging others instead of erring on the side of showing Mercy to others. What is it about us that seems to relish Slaying (Judging) others instead of Saving (Showing Mercy) unto others? This passage proclaims that when we Save people caught up in sin we not only Save them from death, but we also cover over a multitude of sinful activities. If one act of sin eventually touches everyone, certainly one act of grace and mercy touches everyone as well. When it comes to people who are really hurting, remember, “Save Them, Don’t Slay Them!”


Dear Jesus,

I’ll remember the next time I’m tempted to Judge that you Saved me. With Your help I’ll set out this AM to Save as well. Amen

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  • c. Banks Reply

    AMEN! My sentiments exactly! So glad my sentiments line up with the Word of God.

    July 21, 2017 at 1:48 pm

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