Praying Victorious Prayers

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3 John 2

Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well.


John is writing to a man named Gaius. There are four different Gaius’ mentioned in the New Testament. Gaius in that day was like John Smith or another common name in our day. So we know John is writing to someone, but he is, in fact, writing to us all. His prayer was one of victory. He wanted his friend to have good health and physical prosperity, and he was sure his friend was already prospering emotionally.


I want to be known for “Praying Victorious Prayers” for others. Anyone can pray a general prayer or a prayer for God’s will or a prayer that generalizes what a person may be going through. But here, the Apostle prays a victorious prayer that includes continued GOOD HEALTH over this man’s life. He also asks God to give the man real PHYSICAL WELL BEING similar to what he was already experiencing EMOTIONALLY. John could have said, “I pray that you would bless him,” and that would have been a good prayer. But that wouldn’t have gotten the man’s attention. When your passion is “Praying Victorious Prayers” over people, they pay attention to your prayer for them. And after you’re finished, they live to make your prayer become a reality in their life.


Dear Jesus,

Help me continue to learn how to keep “Praying Victorious Prayers” over people. They serve a God who knows every part of them. Certainly, there is more You want to do for them than just bless them. Amen

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