A Prayer for Protection

S. O. A. P.

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Psalm 140:4

Keep me safe, Lord, from the hands of the wicked; protect me from the violent, who devise ways to trip my feet.


King David spent much of his life in battle. At times he was pursued, at other times he was the pursuer. If anyone knew the need for protection and security it was David. In this passage, he knew there was trouble all around him, and he interceded before the Lord with, “A Prayer For Protection.”


When was the last time you cried out to the Lord with “A Prayer for Protection?” Certainly, like me, there have been times when you felt like you were surrounded by people less righteous than you. Or maybe you felt like some near you were doing their best to trip you up, and then gloat over your failures. No one gets off of this planet without regularly needing protection and safety from somewhere. Usually, in desperation, we turn to an employer or close friend or certainly to a family member. But so often, the very one we turn to has other issues that keep them from hearing us when we call. However, there is One whose arm is not too SHORT, and His ear is definitely not DEAF to hear and answer our most desperate cry. What’s so unusual about our Great God is that He is literally standing by, WAITING for us to call upon Him with, “The Prayer of Protection.” Don’t wait another minute, He promises that if we will indeed call upon Him, He will answer us and deliver us in our hour of need.


Dear Jesus,

You already know that You are my PROTECTOR and my ultimate SAFETY NET. I don’t have enough words this AM to adequately thank You. But still … Thank You! Amen

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