Praise The Lord

S. O. A. P.

Here’s Your 90 second AM Devotional!


Psalm 150:1a

“Praise The Lord.”


The first sentence King David chose to start the last chapter of his masterful book of Psalms was, “Praise The Lord.”


The King had written all he could, but he just couldn’t stop “Praising The Lord.” David’s life is what makes great theater. And make no mistake, it wasn’t novel it was biographical in every sense. From little to great with the sling of a stone, and then mountain tops and valleys for the rest of his life. That was David’s story. However, none of his life seemed to be absent of praise. The old song says, “In the good times give Him praise, in the bad times do the same,” and that’s what David did. The question is, what will you do? We can Praise or we can ask why. When I’ve gone to asking why, I’ve seldom been left with an answer. But when I Praise the Lord, somehow the answer comes. Are you ready for the answer this AM? I am too. So here we go, “Praise The Lord!”


Dear Jesus,

This AM I’m so thankful for Your goodness and mercy that follow me everywhere I go. Like David, I want to start my day with Praise! Let me just say it … “Praise The Lord.” Amen

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