Please Don’t Forget!

S. O. A. P.

Here’s Your 90 second AM Devotional!


Psalm 105:5a

Remember the wonders he has done.


In one of the Psalmist’ most glorious writings, he reminds the people of the marvelous works of the Almighty. I almost felt the Lord saying to me this AM, as I read, “Please Don’t Forget!”


Right away I started remembering. I remembered asking the Lord to give me a wife. Shortly after I found Robyn and we got married in 1973. What a life it’s been together. I remembered when the doctor’s told us to pray that our sixth-month-old, meningitis-stricken baby boy would die. They said if he lives he’ll be a vegetable. That was in 1987 and Graham just accompanied me on another preaching trip and gave his testimony. I remembered the different health episodes I’ve experienced where the doctors didn’t know if I’d recover, but by God’s grace victory occurred. When King David says, “Please Don’t Forget,” how can I? If you think about it this AM, how can YOU?


Dear Jesus,

This AM Your blessings and victories amaze me. I will NEVER forget! Amen

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