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Luke 13:30

Indeed there are those who are last who will be first, and first who will be last.


Jesus spoke about the next life (the life after this life) often. Each time He spoke, it had to do with our “Perspective” vs. His “Perspective.” On this occasion, in Luke 13:30, He said, “Your perspective is that the people you think are winning in the end will lose, and the ones you believe are losers will actually win.”


All of life is about “Perspective.” It doesn’t matter how attractive you may be to the whole world, if you think you’re unattractive it doesn’t matter what anyone else tells you. It’s your “Perspective.” You may be a multi-millionaire who everyone goes to for help, but if you feel like you’re one step away from the poor house no one can tell you any different. You will work your fingers to the bone and hoard money. Why? It’s your “Perspective.” There is one arena where we need to allow someone other than ourselves to speak into our life. The arena of which I speak is ETERNITY. You can have your own opinion or “Perspective” about the next life, but in the end there’s only one “Perspective” that matters. His “Perspective” is from a much different vantage point. With The Lord’s help, I’ve determined to be considered last on this side in order to be near the front on the other side. That is my “PERSPECTIVE.”


Dear Jesus,

This AM, more than ever, I’m living for and moving towards Your “Perspective!” Amen

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