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James 4:1

What causes fights and quarrels among you? Don’t they come from your desires that battle within you?


The Apostle James speaks to the Church in his day, and the Church today, and pinpoints the problem of war in general. He says, “The reason there is war on the outside among you is because there is war on the inside of your hearts, individually.


Most of us say war is about outward disagreements among men. First of all, however, it’s a “Personal Thing.” If you read down the text in James 4, you will see a listing of the kinds of “Inside Battles” in people’s hearts that turn into “Outside Rage” with themselves and others. The show of outward Kindness emanates from a heart of Love. The show of outward Service is a result of inward Gratefulness. Generosity to others flows from a heart of Stewardship rather than Ownership. It all happens from the “Inside Out!” It appears that we members of the human race continue to try and silence “Outside Wars” with LOUD, man-made weapons. The real weapons of our warfare are made by God and given by the Holy Spirit to calm the war within. The only real peace comes when the battle is waged and won on the INSIDE. Yes, it’s a “Personal Thing.”


Dear Jesus,

This AM, thanks to Your Word, You have shown me once again that it’s a “Personal Thing.” No matter what my outside issues may be, they stem from inside matters. Help me Jesus. Amen

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