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1 Chronicles 12:14

These Gadites were army commanders; the least was a match for a hundred, and the greatest for a thousand.


After the death of King Saul, David came out of hiding in Philistine territory and began gathering warriors. Actually, they came running to him. The strongest men came from just about every tribe. They were known as David’s “Mighty Men.” From some of the Gadites that came, the weakest could fight a hundred by himself, and the strongest could fight a thousand by himself!


It is true that David was the leader of the nation of Israel, and it’s also true that this was his army and his fighting men we are speaking of. However, David’s “City of Zion” in the Old Testament has always represented “The Church” in the New Testament. What “The Church” is in need of today are “Mighty Men” who serve the Lord and are unmoved by potential consequences. Men who are not judged on physical strength, but spiritual fortitude and prowess that defies any demon from hell to take one more step. “Mighty Men” who are willing to stand and say “Hell and all of its forces must know, as far as it relates to me … ‘Not On My Watch!’” Whether my name is ever known on this planet or not, I will be content to promote Jesus till my dying day. And I will be glad to know that my name is written in God’s great “Book of Heaven.” I want to be one of Jesus’ “Mighty Men!” Right here, right now.


Dear Jesus,

I just want to be one of Your “Mighty Men!” Amen

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