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Hebrews 13:1

Keep on loving one another as brothers and sisters.


As the author brings his letter to the Hebrews to a conclusion, he encourages them to keep on loving each other as brothers and sisters.


The Apostle had dealt with a number of critical issues in this important letter. These issues obviously transcend culture and history. One thing that also remains is the fact that as “Followers of Jesus,” our best defense of the Gospel of Jesus is that we “Keep On Loving.” Love covers it all. Bad attitudes are TRANSFORMED by love. Irreparable relationships are RESTORED by love. Fear is CONQUERED by perfect love. The list goes on and on, but it’s vital that instead of saying, “Oh yeah I know that,” we actually practice it and just “Keep on Loving One Another as Brothers and Sisters.”


Dear Jesus,

I know it’s NOT to You … but to me the idea of loving one another seems like a bunch of old words. This AM I know the words are old, but the practice of “Loving One Another” in this present day is desperately needed. Help me Jesus to “Keep On Loving!” Amen

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  • Brigitte Reply

    So true we must keep on loving!Thank U for this insight Pastor Wilkerson! Blessings, Brigitte

    July 18, 2016 at 7:16 pm

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