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Jeremiah 5:1

Go up and down the streets of Jerusalem, look around and consider, search through her squares. If you can find but one person who deals honestly and seeks the truth, I will forgive this city.


This is not Abraham asking God if God would spare the city of Sodom if Abraham could find “Just One” righteous person. NO! Through the prophet Jeremiah, God asks the people of Jerusalem to find “Just One” person in the city who was righteous. If anyone could, he would spare the whole city. But, unfortunately, there were not 10 righteous people in all of Sodom, and in Jerusalem there wasn’t even “Just One!”


When you jam foolishness down people’s throats for a long time, after a while, there’s no one left to defend the cause of the masses. In Jeremiah’s day, God had called him to be a prophet. And by that, the Lord meant Jeremiah was to uproot, tear down, destroy, and overthrow. But then he said, “After you’ve done that, I want you to build and to plant.” In other words, when righteousness is nowhere to be found, the man or woman of God has to do everything to abolish the look and the feel of gods that have no power to act in the interest of the people of God. You can’t really put stuff back together until you get rid of all the stuff that smacks of sin and moral failure. Once that’s accomplished, you can build and plant. But that takes a person who is willing to fight against the evil one known as the devil. And they must stay long enough to re-establish the work of God in their area. I don’t want to turn into Sodom or Jerusalem before her judgment because there wasn’t one righteous person to stand up for her. No! I’m ready to ask for people around the globe to help me in standing for righteousness. But until I can reach them, I must start with “Just One!”


Dear Jesus,

You’ve always sought for a man or a woman who would stand in the gap and make up the hedge to help your people live righteously. Yet there have been times like this one where you couldn’t even find “Just One!” Please Jesus, let me be “Just One” who will live a life of righteousness until You call them home one day soon!! Amen

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