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Psalm 147:4

He determines the number of the stars and calls them each by name.


The Psalmist, in trying to describe the greatness of The Almighty, says of Him, “He is the one who decided how many stars there would be and He calls the STARS by their proper name.” Of course it was God who named them!


The God who made the stars and gave them a name is the same God who formed you and me from the dust of the earth. Astronomers tell us that there are about 10 billion galaxies in the observable universe! It is believed that there are around 100 billion stars in each galaxy, which means we’re looking at a Billion Trillion stars in the observable universe!!! That’s “Incomprehensible” to little folks like us. What does that make our God? You guessed it! He’s “Incomprehensible!” However, He tells us if we call on Him He will answer US (Jer. 33:3). That’s right, He’ll answer US! That’s “Incomprehensible.” It’s beyond understanding that we can understand our Heavenly Father. It’s not for us to understand, but to know that He loves us and has time to talk with us. Think about it today, the One who made a Billion Trillion stars and named them, and calls them by name, made You too and knows Your name! “INCOMPREHENSIBLE!”


Dear Jesus,

I’m AMAZED this AM. When I think of Your greatness, I’m AMAZED that You have time for me and really want to talk with me. It’s Just “Incomprehensible!” Amen

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