In Prison In A Palace

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Acts 23:35

He said, “I will hear your case when your accusers get here.” Then he ordered that Paul be kept under guard in Herod’s palace.


Paul once again had been falsely accused, this time by people connected to the Sanhedrin. But Paul’s nephew caught wind of it, told his uncle, and Paul had him taken to the commander of the Roman guard. Paul was transferred to Caesarea where the governor Felix had Paul detained under guard in Herod’s palace.


This is an amazing story of Paul, who while in the perfect will of God is taken under guard to Caesarea to meet with the Roman Governor, Felix. By the time Felix gets the information, it’s too late for him to be bothered with Paul. However, he knows Paul is important and has him detained in King Herod’s Palace! Isn’t that just like the Lord? Here’s one of His choice servants, most likely without any money, but guarded and taken care of like he was royalty though truly a prisoner. Stay with Jesus today my friend, He’ll never leave you nor will He forsake you. Even when you feel locked down, He can make you feel like you’re in a palace.


Dear Jesus,

Thank You this AM for always being with me. Thank You that I know You have my best interests in mind. I’m with You! Amen

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