In Praise Of My PRUDENT Wife

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Proverbs 19:14b

But a prudent wife is from the Lord.


The wise man offers in this passage the one gift from God that is a game changer for every man wanting to be a world changer. A PRUDENT wife.


For a moment I would like to speak “In Praise Of My PRUDENT Wife.” The gift I’m most grateful for is from the Lord. He is the one who gave me my wonderful wife, Dr. Robyn, over four decades and 4 sons ago. She delayed all of her personal dreams in lieu of our vision of promoting the “Good News” of Jesus. However, by stepping aside God has indeed elevated her to a place of honor. She is honored by her offspring and their families, her church family, and many friends everywhere. The Prudent person has a wise and caring view of the future. We have a future today because of my PRUDENT, God-given wife. You can buy just about anything in the times in which we live; however, try as some may, it’s hard to buy a good wife. Indeed, the “Prudent Wife” is a GIFT from GOD.


Dear Jesus,

In this AM prayer I have a grateful heart when I think of Your gift to me, dear Robyn. I’m overwhelmed with thanks to You and You alone. Amen

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