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Here’s Your 90 second AM Devotional!


Psalm 124:1a

If the Lord had not been on our side.


The Psalmist makes a statement and then fills it in. The statement goes like this … “IF” the Lord had not been on our side …


As you continue to read this 124th Psalm, David actually does briefly fill in the terrible things that would have happened to Israel. But why not you and I fill in the blank this AM? Let me give it a shot. “IF” the Lord had not been on my side I probably wouldn’t have ever been saved. Surely my wife would not be in the picture. My four children wouldn’t be here. I would have little or no positive legacy to leave behind. There’s no telling what city I’d be living in. Certainly I wouldn’t be a Pastor or be able to wake up each morning thrilled to do what I do. Those are just a few things that I would have missed out on, “IF” the Lord had not been on my side. What about you this AM? Why don’t you consider this thought, “IF” the Lord had not been on my side!


Dear Jesus,

How I thank You this AM that You have always been on my side. I’m just glad to think what would have happened “IF” the Lord had not been on my side ALL THESE YEARS!


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