I Need To Get To Church

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Song of Songs 4:6
Until the day breaks and the shadows flee, I will go to the mountain of myrrh and the hill of incense.


These are the words of Solomon’s bride. We know this because he immediately responds in the next verse. It appears that the Mountain of Myrrh is actually the Mountain of Moriah, which in Israeli history is a holy place. It would have been an Old Testament equivalent to the New Testament church. So many theologians agree that Solomon’s bride needed to get to the house of the Lord to pray and bask in his presence before the night was over.


Sometimes life is so bad that all we can fall back on or run to is the Lord. But there are other times in our life where life is so good that before we go too far into the euphoria of the moment, we need to say to ourselves, “I Need To Get To Church.” The bride in this passage marked a location. For her, she needed to go somewhere to really get close to God. We need to do the same. There is something about being in God’s house that gives us a reset to whatever may be going on in the moment. Whether a good thing or a bad thing is happening, the house of the Lord should always be our refuge! That’s why even in good times like Solomon’s wife was experiencing, we need to stop and say, “I Need To Get To Church!”


Dear Jesus,
This morning I have a need to get to church. You have blessed me beyond measure to the point that I just need to be near you. Amen


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