I Can’t Remember When

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Psalm 71:5

For you have been my hope, Sovereign Lord, my confidence since my youth.


King David makes a statement that many folks resonate with even today. He said, “I can’t Remember when I didn’t look to You (speaking of the Lord) for my hope and confidence.” He acknowledged that it started early in his youth, which left his memory lacking as to an actual date it all began.


Growing up I had friends who were farmers, and every year they hoped for a good harvest. They had confidence in their ability, but there was always that DOUBT when I talked to them as to whether or not they’d make it through harvest time. For them, fear and a sense of hopelessness ruled planting and waiting for the harvest. I could give ten more examples of people who have placed their hope and confidence in other things and other people. The truth is, there’s only One person we can truly put our hope and confidence in—The Almighty. “I Can’t Remember When” I didn’t fully trust in Jesus. I know it happened when I was a young boy, but to actually put a date on it, well “I Can’t Remember When.” Jesus ALWAYS comes through for me. Even when others get that look in their eyes that says, “He’s not going to make it this time.” You might ask me about the last time I thought it was over. My answer is and will always be … “I Can’t Remember When.” Jesus will always be my hope and confidence.


Dear Jesus,

I know You know this, but I need to say it again. All of my hope and confidence is in You. Today and everyday!! Amen

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  • Viviane Reply

    This was very beneficial for me!! Over the years I began to look upon the world and my circumstances to determine my fate in life. As a result doubt and fear crept in and sometimes lack of faith. I remember my happiest was when I trusted God in everything and I was still and rested in his word. He did deliver for me everytime and I need to start going back to that!

    May 9, 2016 at 2:06 pm

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