How Absurd

S. O. A. P.

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John 19:1

Then Pilate took Jesus and had him flogged.


Pilate was the governor of Judea from 26 AD to 36 AD. Certainly none of us would have even perhaps read his name in history. However, he had the audacity to have the Son of God flogged and later crucified.


Very rarely is any governor of any region ever remembered for any of his or her deeds. That’s a good thing. The nature of their job is managerial, not visionary. The King, the President, and the Prime Minister are positions of real vision. Governors who are remembered are often remembered because of an infamous act. And that brings us to the arrogant, narcissistic, idiot punk named Pilate. Who was he? Did he fight any enemies to win his people freedom? NO! Was he broken-hearted into serving the needs of the poor around him? NO! Does history record any notable contributions to society on the part of his offspring? NO! Here’s what we know … Pilate had Jesus flogged and crucified Him! “How Absurd!”


Dear Jesus,

I don’t want an ABSURD life. Please help me. Amen

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