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1 Peter 4:9

Offer hospitality to one another without grumbling.


The Apostle Peter’s letters were directed to Believers throughout Asia Minor, but they are obviously also for “Followers Of Jesus” for all time. At that time Christianity was NEW and required Original teaching. The Apostle writes to Christians everywhere, for all time, to always be hospitable and never gripe about it.


There are no qualifications on this directive other than “No Grumbling!” In other words, ALL “Followers Of Jesus” are called to be “Hospitable!” As a little kid growing up, my Mother and Father ALWAYS had someone staying at our house. After we got married, my wife and I carried on that way of living without thinking about it. It’s the way we had both been raised. Even now, I’ll be out of town and I’ll call Robyn and she’ll say, “So and so is staying over tonight and they brought friends.” It’s always been that way. She’s never complained in all these years, and we’ve been happier for all the guests. Also, my four sons were introduced to so many different folks during their formative years that they’re comfortable around any and everybody. It’s the way God planned it. He wanted His people known for their … “HOSPITALITY!”


Dear Jesus,

Help me to always be full of “Hospitality,” and help me be that way with “No Complaining!” Amen

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