Hold On To What You Have

Hold On To What You Have

S. O. A. P.

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Revelation 2:25
Except to hold on to what you have until I come.


Here Jesus spoke a prophecy to one of the seven churches of Asia Minor, called Thyatira. Jesus told them that he had something against this church, and it was that a number of them had been deceived by a false prophetess named Jezebel. The Lord said he would bring her down and then he talked to the many in Thyatira who had not been deceived by her. He said he was going to give authority over nations to those who had not bowed down to her false prophecies. He then said whatever you do, “Hold On To What You Have.”


No one has really been able to put their finger on who this Jezebel false prophetess was or is in Revelation chapter two. Most likely, this name refers to a spirit that has troubled the church of Jesus Christ for many, many years. It’s a spirit of judgment, self-righteousness, criticism, and in time as always, outright immorality. God was against it then, and he’s against this same spirit now. What I love about this word from the Lord to Thyatira is that many of the people in that church were standing strong against this deception. Today we see so many of the same traits in churches across the land, but in every situation, there seems to be a remnant who will not bow to this Jezebel spirit, and they stay strong in the difficult times. God’s word to them back then was, “Hold On To What You Have!” Today I want to leave you with what you have. You have the love of God. You have the Gifts of the Spirit. You have your faith. You have a promise that cannot be denied. That being said, “Hold On To What You Have!”


Dear Jesus,

This AM, I’m mad at this spirit in Jezebel. I know it’s in your church today and a righteous anger wells up within me every time I read about this church in the Revelation. Help me to hold on to what I have in you my Lord, This is my prayer today. Amen

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