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Psalm 93:4

Mightier than the thunder of the great waters, mightier than the breakers of the sea—the Lord on high is mighty.


In this Psalm, the writer describes the greatness and sheer might of our great God! He gives the example of the roaring and pounding ocean sea. First, he speaks of the thunders of the great waters, and then the breakers on the ocean shore, and affirms that God reigns in majesty and “He’s MIGHTIER” than it all.


As a young married man, I remember going with my wife and three other couples to Hawaii for the first time. One day we went to the North Shore of Honolulu, where surfers rule. We had no idea what we were doing and just jumped in the surf to ride the waves. At least us four guys did. Before we knew it, the backwash from a giant wave pulled us out to sea about 150 feet and into the deep!  Finally, we caught a huge wave that thrust us onto the beach by simply dropping us from about 15 feet in the air to the beach shore and nearly knocked me out. It felt like the ride was over quickly. That day I decided not to tempt God again by trying to have fun in an arena where I had no idea what I was doing. This morning, as I read this passage, I remembered the power of the sea and then thanked my God that “He’s MIGHTIER!”


Dear Jesus,

Thank You this AM that there is nothing too big or mighty for You. No matter who they think they are or what the challenge is, it’s really like a joke in Your presence. Because whatever I face that comes against me, “You’re MIGHTIER!” Amen

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