Here’s How To Really Make Jesus Happy

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Here’s Your 90 second AM Devotional!


Psalm 147:11

The Lord delights in those who fear him, who put their hope in his unfailing love.


I love how the Psalmist begins each of the five last chapters of the Psalms by saying, “Praise The Lord!” Here the writer said, “If you really want to delight the Lord, first of all Fear Him.” That means we are to respect and bow before His awesome holiness. But then he also said, “If you want to really make the Lord happy, put every last ounce of HOPE you have in your heart in HIS unfailing love.”


Both of these decrees by the Psalmist insist that we be people of faith! Without faith in the most high God, we cannot Fear Him. Neither can we put all of our Hope in Him. But when I consider where I have put my FEAR and HOPE in times past, I’m almost ashamed to write this devotional. I’m thinking about it right now. I have FEARED the banker, the lawyer, the policeman, the marriage counselor, and the doctor. I’m still thinking about it. I have put my HOPE in Wall Street, the latest investment of one of my fair-weather friends, and at times a multi-level vitamin can erase any and all potential diseases and extend one’s life into the octogenarian category. All, and I do mean ALL of the above, have failed me miserably in times past. What about you? You’re probably laughing and saying, “Hey, we must be related!” But here’s the deal, “Here’s How To Really Make Jesus Happy.” Fear Him only and always put all of your Hope in His unfailing love.


Dear Jesus,

I give you my all in all this AM! No more trusting in vitamin pills or quick fix financial solutions! I will fear and hope in only you and you alone. Oh, I’ll keep the law and with Your help, be a good citizen of the country I live in, but for me … It’s YOU and YOU alone! Amen

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Rose MIller
Rose MIller
8 months ago

Amen, Praise the Lord!

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