He Wants The Whole World

S. O. A. P.

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Psalm 96:7

Ascribe to the Lord, all you families of nations, ascribe to the Lord glory and strength.


The Psalmist proclaims what most “Followers Of Jesus” have always known. It is the will of God that everyone, everywhere worships the one true God, Jehovah. Throughout the ages, Jesus has made it known that, “He Wants The Whole World.”


There is nowhere in the New Testament that it would be stipulated that the gospel is for a select group of people. NO! A thousand times, NO! This is not a discussion having to do with what creed, or religious belief, or family you were born into. In an undeniable way, God stipulates from cover to cover of His Word that “He Wants The Whole World” to worship Him. It’s hard to worship, or ascribe to, or pay allegiance to someone You do not accept. Indeed, there will be a day when every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord (Phil. 2:10-11). On that day it will be a forced event. But this is NOW! Jesus is calling for the entire world to worship Him now. That means we “Followers Of Jesus” still have a huge task to accomplish. Because, “He Wants The Whole World.”


Dear Jesus,

I know that the entirety of the task does not fall on me alone. However, I know my part is as essential as every other believer. Help me win my world for You. Amen

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