He Blessed Who God Blessed

S. O. A. P.

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Genesis 25:5

Abraham left everything he owned to Isaac.


The scripture says that before Abraham died, he left everything he had to his son Isaac. Now we know that he blessed his other sons as well (vs. 6), but his total inheritance went to the son God had chosen to bless, and that was the only son, the miracle son whose mother was Sarah. His name was Isaac.


Throughout my life, I’ve watched people make big mistakes and then do everything they possibly could to try and make the mistake work throughout the course of their life. It seldom ever does. What usually happens is they lose the momentum they once had for a given skill or profession trying to work on their mistake. Abraham didn’t do that. Is that to say that he didn’t love his other offspring? NO! What it says is that he knew from the beginning that the promised miracle boy would come through Sarah. But he bought into her fear that she would not be able to conceive, and when he did, Ismael arrived. He loved Ismael, but when his miracle son Isaac was born, he banked on him from there on out. He knew who God had chosen to bless. Years before, he’d sent Ismael away with his mother, and God took care of Abraham’s mistake. Abraham learned a huge lesson. In the end, “He Blessed Who God Blessed.”


Dear Jesus,

This AM, help me always remember to bless who You have blessed. I don’t want to spend time on things that distract me from staying on point. Amen


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