God Wants To Conceal It For You

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Proverbs 25:2

It is the glory of God to conceal a matter; to search out a matter is the glory of kings.


Solomon was a king when he wrote this Proverb. So he definitely knew what brought joy to the heart of a king. Yet, God had given him such wisdom that he also knew that the very opposite desire of a king was what made God’s heart fill with joy. God loves to conceal a failure in a human’s life, and humans or kings like to dig a past failure up and parade it before their friends.


You could say that God loves to save a person’s character, but people are infused as if they were temporary detectives to destroy a person’s character. I could be wrong in this, but here’s what I’ve come to believe. Humans miss about 98% of our mistakes. When we sin and repent of a failure, I believe it’s God’s joy to cover that failure up. But when we mess up and fake our repentance and return to the same old failure, humans, in time, get wind of it. In a way, the Lord says, “I’ve wanted to keep your failure covered up, but you have not truly repented, and so I will hand you over to people/kings to search your failure out.” And I can tell you they always find you out. Before you return to former failures, please remember, “God Wants To Conceal It For You!”


Dear Jesus,

Thank you for always covering my failures when I’m repentant. Thank You because You’re always willing to put our failures behind You when we are repentant. And, of course, I’m so blessed to be Your child and know that You want to cover for me in the middle of my sin! Amen

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