Fear’s Payoff

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Psalm 31:19a

How abundant are the good things that you have stored up for those who fear you.


King David evidently had a vision of the TREASURES that GOD had stored up for him in heaven as a result of his “Fear of God.” Few, if any, of us could possibly match the “Holy Fear” David had for the Almighty. He was a man after God’s own heart. But David didn’t keep the Blessing for himself, he acknowledged that God has stored up ABUNDANCE for ALL those who Fear Him.


This wonderful passage of Holy Scripture tells us of “Fear’s Payoff.” That’s right, there is a reason to FEAR the Lord. When the scripture speaks of Fearing God it has to do with total awe, terror, wonder, dread, and reverence for God Almighty. How else can one approach our All Powerful, All Knowing, and All Everywhere at the same time God but to truly FEAR Him? Some say, well that’s not Love. But real love demands a respect for the object of one’s love. David loved the Lord with such a passion that Fear was part of the equation. Consequently, he rejoiced that God, the very One he FEARED, had real ABUNDANCE stored up both here and on the other side for him. It was true for King David, and it’s true for you and me. God’s ABUNDANCE is “Fear’s Payoff.”


Dear Jesus,

This AM, I am truly thankful that there are tangible rewards for living this life for YOU! I’m not ashamed to say that I do FEAR You, my God. AND, I’m just fine with that. Amen

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