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Genesis 15:6

Abram believed the Lord, and he credited it to him as righteousness.


Abram had no son, but he had a promise from God that his offspring would match the number of stars in the sky. When he believed that promise, God said Abram was a righteous man. “FAITH=RIGHTEOUSNESS.”


This passage in Genesis is repeated throughout the Bible. Psalms, Romans, Galatians, Hebrews, and James all reference this passage. Why? When a man or woman decides to have FAITH in God, immediately God imputes RIGHTEOUSNESS to them. Yes this is only the beginning of a growing maturity as a “Follower Of Jesus,” yet it is true that immediate FAITH in God results in immediate RIGHTEOUSNESS from God. It’s not so much what we DO, it’s more about in whom we BELIEVE. Noah had faith in God, and because of it he received favor from God, but perhaps Abraham was the first to believe the “PROMISE” from God. God called it a lasting covenant and Abraham believed. In an earlier post, I talked about you and me still receiving the blessing from the covenant God made with Abraham 4,000 years ago. I’m so glad “FAITH=RIGHTEOUSNESS.”


Dear Jesus,

Today I’ve learned that before righteousness there first needs to be FAITH. This AM my faith is in You! Amen

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