Extravagant Trust In The Lord

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Mark 12:44

“They all gave out of their wealth; but she, out of her poverty, put in everything—all she had to live on.”


These are the words of Jesus to His disciples as He observed people giving their offerings at the temple treasury. He saw that several rich folks turned in large amounts, but this one woman only had a couple of cents to her name, and she put it all in the temple treasury. Jesus said, “She gave out of her poverty.”


I’ve written on this verse several times because it shows me what “Extravagant Trust In The Lord” looks like. The scripture doesn’t say she had a family to depend on. Nor does it say she had a stash laid aside at home. There is no other supposition than she gave everything she had to the Lord. I can FEEL her thought processes. It FEELS like she was thinking, “I have no other hope in my life. I have no human who cares for me. I have nothing. But, in my heart, I know God is there, and He is all I have to hold on to. I know He’ll see me through!” That’s what it FEELS like she was thinking. She didn’t keep a cent. That, to her, would have been a half-hearted trust in the Lord. Instead, she gave the full, one hundred percent—TWO CENTS! That’s right. She exhibited what “Extravagant Trust In The Lord” looks like.


Dear Jesus,

This story nails me every time I read it! I’m so convicted right now. Why is it I hold back? Oh, I know that Your Word teaches us to save, and it teaches us to have something to pass on to our kids when we leave the planet. But then there’s this story. Help me, Lord, with more extravagant trust in YOU! Amen


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