Even When I’m Old

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Psalm 71:18

Even when I am old and gray, do not forsake me, my God, till I declare your power to the next generation; you’re mighty asked to all who are to come.


King David made this statement some three thousand years ago. But it is my prayer today. He said, “Even When I’m Old,” help me to never stop giving this message of life and hope to the next generation that is to come and even beyond that as well. The cry of his heart was to get the message out to everyone that God is love, and God loves YOU!


Wow, I love this passage. I love it first of all because I never thought as a young man that I could ever possibly be an old man. Seriously! But here I am! And as I read this wonderful passage this AM, I thought, “Even When I’m Old,” I never have to lose the passion and the zeal for my Lord and Savior. There has never been a time when I ever ceased to promote Jesus as the only hope for the world. Jesus has always been my message, and people have always been my heart. I’m pretty sure that is what I hear King David saying in this text. Of course, he had never met or heard of Jesus, and yet he too longed for the Messiah. That’s why he told us in this passage I’ll never stop giving the next generation and even those who are yet to come the message of God’s love. “Even When I’m Old!”


Dear Jesus,

I need you this AM as never before. I’m asking for continued health and strength, “Even When I’m Old,” to continue to promote this wonderful Good News of my loving Savior. Amen

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  • Shirley Whitted Reply

    Now I am old and I am slow to promote the good news of the saving Grace of Jesus Christ, “God ignite the fire” so that I am vigilant like I was when I was young.

    May 9, 2022 at 10:04 am


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