Eternal Life

S. O. A. P.

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1 John 2:25

And this is what he promised us—eternal life.


At the beginning of the Early Church, the Apostles were quick to remind “Followers of Jesus” what they had to look forward to. All of them, including the Apostle John in this passage, reminded believers that “Eternal Life” was what they had to look forward to.


Throughout history life has been hard in every country, for most ALL of the population. Even today, poverty and hunger rages in Third World countries. We in the west have known somewhat of a life of ease in the last 60 years. With ease and comfort comes a desire to keep everything like it is right now. The idea of heaven or the future is brushed to the side, and a longing to stay “Just Like This” pervades. The truth is, nothing stays the same. The clock keeps ticking and eternity is just a blink away. There’s only one thing today that really matters. Do you have “Eternal Life?”


Dear Jesus,

Thank You this AM for what matters most in life … “Eternal Life.” Amen

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