Dressed Up In Jesus

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Galatians 3:27

For all of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ.


This is an interesting passage inasmuch as earlier texts reveal that prior to Jesus we were dressed in the law. St. Paul, the writer, says that the law was like our guardian. But now that we’ve been baptized in Christ, we are in effect “Dressed Up In Jesus.”


So much of our outside apparel speaks to the kind of person we are. It’s not always true, but for the most part that’s the way it works. What we’re wearing on the outside sometimes even reveals who we are on the inside. But when you’re “Dressed Up In Jesus,” it really means that what’s happened on the inside of one’s heart and soul is now showing on the outside. Probably the heart and soul of a person is the part that is most often broken, fractured, and wounded prior to our yielding to Jesus. It stands to reason that when He heals our inside it’s just bound to show up on the outside. More often than not, people can tell when you’re “Dressed Up In Jesus.”


Dear Jesus,

Thank You most of all that when I began to follow You, You immediately clothed my inside with Jesus. I believe it’s showing! Thank You! Amen

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