Don’t Trouble Your Heart

S. O. A. P.

Here’s Your 90 second AM Devotional!


John 14:1a

Do not let your hearts be troubled.


Before Jesus told His Followers about His future plans for them (which included Heaven), He told them not to let their hearts be troubled.


How many folks do you know personally who are living in an unstable situation? Anything that causes a sense of instability can cause stress, pressure, and insecurity, which can turn you old before your time. That’s why Jesus said “Don’t Trouble Your Heart.” If we have the opportunity to do something else, then we must do something else. Because Jesus doesn’t want us stressed out! We as “Jesus Followers” have access to everything Heaven has to offer today. He has promised peace that passes all understanding. Today, take the PEACE and “Don’t Trouble Your Heart.”


Dear Jesus,

With Your help I will access Heaven’s peace today, so I can leave my stress on the way. Amen

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