Your Love Is Better Than Life

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Psalm 63:3

Because your love is better than life, my lips will glorify you.


For those who know King David’s story well, they will recall that he was the forgotten son, youngest of seven brothers. There are many questions surrounding his birth. It’s possible that David yearned for the love of a father, and once he discovered the Love of God he was forever hooked. He said to the Lord, “Your Love Is Better Than Life.”


It’s possible for a person to be so thirsty that their body aches, and there comes a point where they can’t take another step without a drink of water. Once they taste that water, it is so satisfying that the individual would say, “To have a drink of water when I was so thirsty is better than life itself.” Because what use is life if it’s standing on the brink of death for lack of water? King David had been so starved for love that when God found him and anointed him to be King of Israel, he finally found true love in his Heavenly Father. It became such a satisfying relationship with the Lord that David finally found what he had been looking for. It was at that moment that the King declared, “Your Love Is Better Than Life!”


Dear Jesus,

What is good about life with no love. Thank You this AM for a wife and children who love me. However, I would say of all of it this AM, “Your Love Is Better Than Life.” Amen

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