You Want Me On This Wall, You’ve Got Me On This Wall!

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Nehemiah 3:12

Shallum son of Hallohesh, ruler of a half-district of Jerusalem, repaired the next section with the help of his daughters.


This event happened when Nehemiah had been sent back to Jerusalem from Babylon under strict orders from King Artaxerxes. the Persian ruler of Babylon. Nehemiah was ordered to rebuild the wall surrounding Jerusalem, which had been destroyed. Nehemiah only allowed people of Jewish origin to work on the wall to repair it. Shallum, a man who had authority over a half district of Jerusalem, had no sons, so he moved his DAUGHTERS onto the wall to repair the section under his jurisdiction.


It’s probably not fair of me to insert the line Jack Nicholson delivered in the movie, “A Few Good Men.” He’s suggesting that if a marine were to break the code of moral ethics, why would it matter because, “You Want Me On This Wall, You’ve Got Me On This Wall!” He was suggesting that we can’t possibly live without the USMC. Whether that’s true or not, the movie’s wall represented America’s first and last line of defense. As we read the story of Shallum putting his daughters on the WALL surrounding Jerusalem to rebuild their broken-down defenses, it’s hard to imagine Israel being as picky as we seem to be today as a nation. The returning exiles, who had been banished to Babylon many years earlier, were just glad to be coming home. As some of them looked at the young daughters of Shallum repairing the wall, those girls weren’t saying, “What Are you Looking At?” Instead, they were probably thinking, “You Want Me On This Wall, You’ve Got Me On This Wall!” Remember today that God is looking for the willing, not just the able.


Dear Jesus,

This AM, I remember a day when I was more able than I was willing. Today I’m far more willing than I am able. Yet I’ve never felt more used by You in my mission here on earth than I do right now! So I’ll say it too, “You Want Me On This Wall, You’ve Got Me On This Wall!” Amen

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