You Don’t Have To Be A Hundred To Change Your World

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2 Kings 22:1a

Josiah was eight years old when he became king, and he reigned in Jerusalem thirty-one years.


Josiah’s father, Amon, and his grandfather, Manasseh, were wretched men. Manasseh was perhaps the most wicked king in the history of Judah. But here comes his eight-year-old grandson named Josiah, and along the way, he has an encounter with God and brings back the spiritual traditions of the people of God.


God has always had a plan. I’m not saying we’re all just pawns in His big plan; however, I’ve learned that God never gives up on His people. There will always be a remnant of believers, no matter what. The Bible says Josiah’s grandfather slaughtered so many of the people of Jerusalem that the blood of those people filled Jerusalem from end to end (21:16). It’s also true that his sins seemed to be layered upon each other for the entirety of his reign. But, here again, an eight-year-old boy is God’s answer to this debauchery. One day, while Josiah’s associates were cleaning up the old temple of the Lord, they found the Book of the Law. Josiah heard his name read, and when he did, he got right with God and declared that the people of Judah would repent and follow the Lord. God held off from His destruction of the land of Judah during Josiah’s lifetime because of his repentance. The story of this young man simply means, “You Don’t Have To Be A Hundred To Change Your World.”


Dear Jesus,

I pray this AM for every young man and woman who reads this AM devo that they would realize … NOW IS THEIR TIME. Amen

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