You Can’t CANCEL Jesus

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Mark 3:6

Then the Pharisees went out and began to plot with the Herodians how they might kill Jesus.


The whole Bible is about impossibilities made possible through faith in God Almighty. In this brief passage, Jesus, who was a Jew, was living in and around Judaea. His country was under foreign rule by the Romans, and King Herod had rule over the region Jesus lived in. Because he healed a man on the sabbath, his own religious leaders, the Pharisees, sought to team up with Herod’s associates to kill Jesus!


During the worldwide pandemic of 2020, and it’s still real at this writing, we have experienced a term called “Cancel Culture” become a reality. It has to do with abolishing anything that was established prior to this season as inappropriate. It also includes people. If someone doesn’t appreciate another person’s way of operating, they just CANCEL that person’s reality. People surrounding that person are either CANCELED as well, or they can join whoever is upset with their friend and CANCEL their friend too. It can happen quickly because of social media. This is nothing new. In Jesus’ day, it happened abruptly or over a period of time, and it happened by way of killing the person. That was what was meant in Jesus’ day. When Jesus, because of His good deeds and miracle-working power, became more popular than the religious leaders of His day, they sought to CANCEL Him. But even when they finally killed the Lord, He rose from the dead three days later. They quickly learned, “You Can’t CANCEL Jesus!”


Dear Jesus,

I have never sought to CANCEL YOU! My only purpose is to glorify and magnify and enlarge the knowledge of You, my Lord, as long as I live. You will NEVER be CANCELLED! Amen

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