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2 Kings 17:28

So one of the priests who had been exiled from Samaria came to live in Bethel and taught them how to worship the Lord.


The ten northern tribes of Israel had become so enamored with foreign gods that the one true God of Israel allowed the King of Assyria to come in, take them over, displace them, and in turn, had a mix of different nations resettle the towns of Samaria. But because it had been Israeli territory, God wasn’t pleased with the worship of foreign gods by the new inhabitants. He sent lions to attack the new settlers! When the Assyrian king heard about it, he sent for an exiled priest of Israel to be brought back to Samaria so that they could learn how to worship The Almighty.


Never forget this was historic Israeli territory. The Assyrian king sent an exiled Israeli priest back to teach the heathens how to worship. But he was a priest who knew the worship of both the true God and the calve gods. The priest mixed both teachings to the people, and like the northern tribesmen before them, these new settlers combined their worship of God Almighty and the calve gods. Consequently, they were never blessed because they only gave half-hearted worship to God. WHY? That’s the question we’re left with when we look at how loving and giving and forgiving God Almighty has always been. Even today, people know how wonderful He is, yet somehow mix all kinds of other LOVES in with their love for Him. WHY?


Dear Jesus,

This AM I’m reminded of Your first command, that You will not tolerate any other god to be worshipped but You, oh Lord. From the day You showed me Your grace, I’ve never desired another god. You’re all I need. Amen

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