Who Are You Standing With?

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John 18:18

It was cold, and the servants and officials stood around a fire they had made to keep warm. Peter also was standing with them, warming himself.


This is the sorrowful scene portrayed by the Apostle John concerning the cold night Jesus was arrested. Others had accompanied Jesus into the high priest’s quarters, but Peter, one of Jesus’ three most trusted friends, warmed himself by a fire while standing with other servants and officials who had nothing to do with Jesus.


Not long after this passage occurred, Peter denied Jesus three times in seeming rapid-fire sequence. Jesus had told Peter to his face earlier, in front of the other disciples, that this would happen, and Peter wildly denied it. But … sure enough, it happened. Isn’t it strange that before Peter denied Jesus he stood with others who were in no way connected to Jesus? It seems to me that is so often the case when spiritual failure occurs. If we look back, failure is often precipitated by the associates we are standing with. Which begs the question, “Who Are You Standing With?” Whatever you and I do, it must never be about disassociating ourselves from Jesus. He is our only reason for living. That’s why I’m happy to stand with the “King of Kings.”


Dear Jesus,

I’ll stand with You today and every day! It is my joy to stand with my King! Amen

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3 thoughts on “Who Are You Standing With?

  1. Yes so true! Whenever I felt I’m going on a spiritual decline I have to check who I’ve been hanging around and listening to.

  2. Love it Pastor! That’s why it’s better to surround yourself with like minded people…or listen to Christian music through the day. It helps to keep you focused and grounded.

  3. Yes, Pastor Rich, HE is the reason for ALL seasons! Loved your post! I stand
    with HIM all day long, thanking and praising Him as I go by my work day, for sustainig and protecting me.